Clarification around and/or logic for filters (and taxonomies)

Hey all,

I’m looking for some clarification around and/or logic for filtering services (and taxonomies)

The examples I’ve found in the documentation say “and/or” but does that mean:

Its and/or depending on your implementation


and/or is whats returned, so the results for a query where I request value1 and value2 in my params, if a service has value1 and value2 return it plus if a service has value1 or value2 return it?

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Hello Hannah

I do think we should clarify. @davidraznick may be able to point us to something.

My understanding is that query parameters should be combined with a Boolean AND - so all filter conditions should be valid for all results.

So if you want to do an OR, you need to do two (or more) queries and combine the responses.


Has this been resolved in the documentation? I can’t find an answer there.

Sorry, I completely missed this.

Mike is correct that it is boolean AND.


So this is searching for taxonomy_id XXX AND organization_id YYY

This should be made clearer in the docs.