Enhancements to OR UK - Proposal to add Assurer email address

Proposal to add Assurer email address

We think it is a useful enhancement to include the email address of the accountable assurer of the service i.e. the person/organisation carrying out the assurance on the last_assured_date. This allows a consuming application to notify an assurer directly that they have found an error.

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I’m logging this as a proposed change in the next version. It would be good to have views on if there should be a link to the assuring organization as well or instead.

I think the email domain will help with who the organisation is and of course they could use a general email address rather than a named individual.
I guess your case is when you can’t tell the organisation taking responsibility from the email address but i think adding an organisation will be too easy for someone to pretend they are part of that organisation so personally i wouldn’t trust them. i think i would look for an email domain that i trusted.
Places could publish a register of approved assurer domains to help users confidence.