Hello! 👋🏻 I'm François Travais from Solinum

Hello everyone,

I’m François Travais, CTO of Solinum, a French non-profit organization building and deploying the Soliguide in France and soon in other countries. The Soliguide is a kind of service directory for people living in precarious condition.

We’ve built Soliguide from the ground up since 2015, with our own data model. We discovered recently Open Referral and I’m now in the phase of digging deeper into the specification, building a profile to identify differences with our data model and how to get closer to it. Our data model is really not perfect and so far I’ve discovered great things that could greatly help us (i.e. the iCal way of storing schedules).

I look forward discussing with you about Open Referral!


Welcome @ftravais-solinum ! Great to have you here, looking forward to learn more about Solinum and the Soliguide.

And thanks for bringing these issues up in Github. We’re eager to see how the profiling function can work for more places, and your feedback will be very helpful :slight_smile:

Welcome Francois! Wonderful to see how others are doing information and referral work!

Hi François,

This is amazing and thanks for sharing!

I’m somewhat limited on the technical support I can offer until my colleague Matt (who did the work on the profiling mechanism and documentation) is back from Paternity on the 23rd of April, but if you questions regarding building the profile do let me know.

We’d also appreciate any feedback you may have on the mechanism and the supporting documentation.

Going forward, it would be great if we could link to your profile in the docs and perhaps you may also be interested in joining one of of our standing technical meetups at some point also?

Thanks again and welcome to the community.