Image field for taxonomy terms

Has an image field for taxonomy terms been considered? I’m using a green map taxonomy that is very structured around icons for use on maps, etc.

The Working Group is close to wrapping up the recommendation for HSDS version 3.0, so that may have to wait for consideration for 3.01 or later. Of course this doesn’t stop you adding your own property to API feeds in the interim.

Do you envisage the image field being the URL or an image or an actual image in a specified format? What format might that be?

I love this idea. We use an image field in a few of our ORServices HSDS implementations.

Usually we use a single url, but for one client who wanted the icon color to change on hover, we implemented two fields.

Curious how you’d like to see the image field represented in the spec.

I agree with Mike that we should queue this up for development and addition in a 3.01/3.1 update.

A simple approach would be just a URL. That could be a direct URL to an image or possibly to a resource that defines how to access the image and related properties, e.g. something like ImageObject - Type.
Potentially the spec could be extended to support ImageObject or similar as another table, but depends if that is too much complexity.

You might be interested in examples from other standards:

It would be interesting to explore this in 3.1, for sure.

Great to see these options, Rob. Thanks.

Do folks think we add a tag like “v3.1” or “Next Version” to indicate we want to return to this post when coming up with 3.1/next version?