Rebuilding our Project Documentation

We’ve long had project docs in a Google Drive folder, whereas our product docs (HSDS etc) have been in Github and on the ReadtheDocs site.

I’ve taken a go at consolidating them into one set of documentation, all available on the ReadtheDocs site. See here.

Assuming folks think this is good, we’ll use the Drive more for misc file storage, and our primary governance policies will live in markdown files hosted on Github and displayed at

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


Looks good to me! Is there a particular branch where we should issue pull requests? (Master, or something else?) (My speciality is typo fixes: (“conjuction” → “conjunction”)

(Added note: consider renaming Master to Main:


One more bit of feedback. Any chance of editing the menu colors? The FAQ level questions for instance:
Frequently Asked Questions — Open Referral Data Specifications 2.0.1 documentation
are failing the checker for color contrast accessibility.
WebAIM: Contrast Checker

(The result syncs with my own perception: I find that .wy-menu-vertical li.current a gray quite hard to read.)

Thanks Margie!

I fixed the typo, and will add the Master>Main change and the color contrast issue to our queue. much appreciated :slight_smile: