Responding to the Data Standards Authority Challenge

An important step in the adoption of the Open Referral UK data standard is having it recognised by government. We have started the formal process by submitting a challenge on the Data Standards Authority GitHub Data standard for interchange and querying of public services · Issue #77 · alphagov/open-standards · GitHub

We would love your feedback on the challenge, so that we can make sure we’re recommending the right approach for improving community services data.

Following this open consultation phase we are hoping to have the standard adopted and recommended for use across government.

Whilst the consultation is closing today June 30th, there is still ample opportunity for people and organisations to comment on the challenge, as we’re still awaiting for the new Open Standards Board to be nominated.

We are particularly interested in identifying further use cases both in central, local gov and across wider public/3rd sector that support the proposal to endorse the standard.