A Thread for Vendors

Hi folks. I think it’d be useful and interesting to have a discussion group/thread specifically for people who earn money (or are interested in earning money) by implementing HSDS-based systems for resource management.

I can kick it off by introducing myself as a long time supporter of Open Referral who, aside from helping with the spec and community, has also built a number of HSDS-based apps including the HSDS 2.0 Airtable Template and ORServies app for managing and displaying HSDS data.

I live in NYC with HSDS-related clients in Washington DC and Washington State.

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I’m Skyler Young, CEO of a startup called Connect 211. We use HSDS as a basis for data exchange in our search engine and data services. We develop and open source search engine and also do a lot of work helping vendors transform and orchestrate enterprise resource data at scale. You can see our search engine code base (1.0) here: 211 Connect · GitHub

We have particularly specialized in making 211 resource data (or any data using the 211 Taxonomy) searchable for the lay public.

We LOVE having a standard to use for exchanging resource data.

My team is on the West Coast, and we have clients in WA, NE, HI, MD, WY, and NY.

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This is awesome. Thanks @devin .