API: Post code based search giving same result

It seems like postcode-based search results are the same for any postcode given. Please let me know how can I make the search more specific to a postcode.

Hi there – thanks for joining this forum, @sourav!

It sounds like you’re trying to search for specific resources on a particular website – is that the case?

There are many organiztaions in the Open Referral network with many different websites that have different approaches to search among them.

You may be referring to a particular bug or shortcoming on a particular website – possibly one associated with a pilot project we’re helping with, in which case I might be able to help make a connection with someone who can address your issue. But I’ll need more context – where are you encountering this issue?


Hello @sourav Will you let me know the URL of the page or API call you are using to make the search please? Not all API feeds support all service filter options such as postcode. I can follow this up if I know where you’re looking.

Best wishes

Hi @MikeThacker basically, we want to use the filter by postcode & proximity
i.e. /services?postcode=SW1W0NY&proximity=5000

But it seems like not getting the correct result. We tried the Buckinghamshire Council API.

Hi @sourav

We don’t have any support for proximity at the moment in the Outpost API yet.

You can pass in /services?location=aylesbury which fetches the lat/lng from google or you can pass through lat/lng /services?lat=-0.808832&lng=51.816672

You could then manually calculate proximity based on the lat/lng of the locations being returned (results return all locations assigned to a service)

I’m not sure yet which other endpoints support proximity.

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I think Placecube’s Open Place Directory supports “proximity”. In the small upgrade to the standard (officially version 3), we’ll make it clear which web methods and parameters we might consider standard and which are optional in individual implementations.

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