Validation test rules

I can see there are several feeds within the Open Referral UK dashboard that show as either full or partially compliant. Some have compliance level 1 and others level 2. It is not overly clear what the rules are that lay behind this validation test, i.e. what gives a pass and what gives a fail. Is there any other documentation that will explain the validation test in more detail?

My observations would suggest that there does seem to be a dependency on a postcode proximity search returning results.
In Placecube’s implementations, if latitude/longitude for locations are not populated then a proximity search will not return results, resulting in a “partial” compliance on search.
This would certainly account for the fact that our Bristol implementation is compliant whereas others are reported as “partial”.

We’ve put the validation rules in the Google document Open Referral UK API Validation Rules which we’re just finishing tidying up before putting the information on the site.

Feel free to comment here or in the document if anything remains unclear.

The validation rules are now up on the site.

Like other developer content, they’re in GitHub (here) so changes can be made with pull requests via GitHub.

Thanks, @MikeThacker Very useful.

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