Level 2 Compliance does not passing

Hello there,

we have created the API for Feed, it passes through Level 1 Compliance but does not pass Level 2 Compliance and gives us the following error:
Missing required fields
*The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin: ’ response header is missing this limits how the API can be read

We have implemented id and name as per the asked format though it throws the error regarding missing service.id and service.name values ,here is the response:

"totalElements": 78,
"totalPages": 2,
"number": 1,
"size": 50,
"first": true,
"last": false,
"empty": false,
"numberOfElements": 50,
"content": [
"id": "7b943e81-c13e-4b2d-946e-86194b8c3713",
"name": "Test session soft delete",
"status": "Inactive",
"last_modified": "10/22/2018 10:36:54 AM"
"id": "b25bf291-0cb8-4dc6-ab12-9c16aebbfcdd",
"name": "Test session soft delete 2",
"status": "Inactive",
"last_modified": "10/22/2018 10:36:54 AM"

Please let me know, what can be issue out there and how can I solve it.

Hello. I’ll ask my colleague who developed the validator to take a look. I’ll then get back to you.

Ok, please get back to me ASAP.

Hi @anisha, I am Dominic the colleague Mike was referring to. Please can you send me your endpoint and I will have a closer look. I suspect I know what is going on but I need to check it.

Sure, here it is: https://developer.opensessions.io/API/rpde/OpenReferralFeed?page=1

Ok, so as part of the validation the validator will try to get the service detail by visiting the services/{id} page. Such as this: https://api.porism.com/ServiceDirectoryService/services/fbbc104d-0672-4190-bb4e-23b1fea5e031

Unfortunately, the equivalent isn’t present for a selected service: https://developer.opensessions.io/API/rpde/OpenReferralFeed/services/7b943e81-c13e-4b2d-946e-86194b8c3713

I hope this helps.

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Hey Dominic,

As per your suggestion, we implemented the service detail by visiting the services/{id} page.

And for validating the Level 1 compliance,

Though it is failed. Let me know the feasible solution for this.
Thank you.

Hey Anisha,

Part of the standard is the standard web service paths. So when you pass this to the validator: https://developer.opensessions.io/API/rpde/OpenReferralFeed/

It will look for services at: https://developer.opensessions.io/API/rpde/OpenReferralFeed/**services**

And the individual services at: https://developer.opensessions.io/API/rpde/OpenReferralFeed/**services/**7191cb02-f453-4f48-8e7c-bf73413409de

So the URL structure needs to match.

Thank you for the update, I have implemented the given structure, however it is still not validating.

And the individual services at:

You are not passing in your base URL. Try this: https://developer.opensessions.io/API/rpde/OpenReferralFeed/

Thank you so much Dominic for such a quick assistance!

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