Enhancements to OR UK - Proposal to add specific taxonomies

Enhancements to OR UK - Proposal to add specific taxonomies

The values for deliverable_type, attending_access and attending_type are given as part of the OR UK. These values perhaps need to become taxonomies but I don’t think we should lose them as specific fields as collectors of data will need to be prompted to complete these fields to provide a rich set of data to the consumers.

In response to UK extensions, version 2 of the international/US standard accepted our proposal to have “linked taxonomies” supporting just about any data element via a link_type. They preferred that to enumerations in most cases.

We should be able to use that for taxonomies on deliverable_type, attending_access and attending_type.

In our current discussions on taxonomies, we need to include scope for allowing people to offer candidate taxonomies for these three attributes (as well as others).

I agree that linked taxonomies are a better way of doing this.

I guess this also feeds into the specific fields debate. I think these ‘type’ fields add a lot of value and the ‘UK application’ should ensure that all UK collectors use them. If they become just the potential to link in a taxonomy then we might lose them. I hope they remain as defined fields but have any taxonomy rather than be an enumerated list.

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