Duplicate `taxonomy` field in documentation?

In the latest docs for taxonomy_term I seen two fields that may be duplicates: taxonomy and taxonomy_details: Schema Reference — Open Referral Data Specifications 3.0.1 documentation

The confusion arises, because their descriptions are really similar.

Is this an error, or are there separate use cases for these fields?

I’m asking in part, because I’m translating some of this fields and I’m wondering if both of these would be candidates for translation.

Nudging @devin and @MikeThacker :slight_smile:

Taxonomy is the name of the taxonomy (ex Open Eligibility) and taxonomy details is a description (ex “an open source taxonomy hosted at xyz.com”).

Shouldn’t that be in the taxonomy table? I’ve wondered about denormalizing taxonomy_term.taxonomy away as well, since we’re linking to with taxonomy_term.taxonomy_id already.