API: taxonomy_term_id query parameter


I’d like to clarify what “taxonomy_term_id” represents as a query parameter for the API endpoints. Does it represent the UUID or the code (e.g. “BY.1500”) associated with a specific taxonomy term? From the API schema I understand it’s referencing the UUID, but I wonder if it would make more sense for users to query on the code instead. Or should that be added as a separate query parameter?

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding anything or if this has been asked about before. Thanks!

@devin @davidraznick

It represents the UUID. The idea is that you should be looking up the taxonomy terms in the taxonomy_term endpoint to find the uuid.

The issue with just specifying the code is that the code could exist in multiple taxonomies, and therefore we would have to find a way of expressing that code in that taxonomy. Also, code is not required just name.

So at the moment, if searching by code is useful, then you should add your own parameter.

However, in future releases we are hoping to expand the documented search parameters, so that they can become more standardized and we will consider adding this one.

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