For anybody using the Apache CXF JAX-RS environment - URL issues

This may be of use to anybody using Java & specifically where Apache CXF is part of the stack.
We’ve come across a rather unfortunate scenario where there is a clash between the use of /services in the web services url and default Apache CXF behaviour.
By default /services is interpreted by CXF as a request to return a list of published web services. This obviously creates a clash with use of /services in the Open Referral (UK) web services spec.
There are a number of workarounds for this issue - this post will be a useful starting point:


Just checking that you will let us know if any of your APIs change as we are using them in a pilot in Lancashire.

@pbrown as @Ian-DigitalGaps has raised this, will you advise when you’ve applied the workaround live to Placecube feeds and whether this will be in addition to supporting the /hservices calls or instead of them?

Thanks for providing the advice that could be useful for other Java implementations

Yes I will be communicating any changes directly to affected parties

As per my response to @Ian-DigitalGaps I’ll be communicating changes directly to affected parties.

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