Handling confidential addresses in HSDS 3.0

Heh, well.

The good news is that all the solutions we’ve seriously discussed either don’t require an upgrade at all, or a MINOR one; we don’t need to tie this into the 3.0 discussion. phew.

The bad news is that I think we’ve got a few of these kinds of things around and I think the HSDS Workgroup should really be focussing on the API spec, tooling questions and getting the upgrade out, so I don’t really want to add this - and any other such questions - into the mix.

I think you can largely just go ahead and declare that this is how you are choosing to implement redaction; in time this might warrant getting written up as non-normative guidance or a profile or something like that. Or, it might be adopted as normative in 3.1

@bloom can I just check that’s your understanding as well?