Hello from Triangle

I’m Toby from Triangle Technology. We’ve been working on the problem of charity sector data and the signposting & referrals journey for nearly 4 years now. We now provide data mapping services, advice tools and a referrals platform to the charity sector / councils / anyone else who’s interested. We are very focused on national-level data coverage, so our approach has been focused on how to facilitate large-scale automated data harvesting, alternatives to the usual directory model, and utilizing AI to assist data mapping and search.

As we move forwards more into our implementation phase, we’re keen to explore ways of opening up our data to others where practical, and see Open Referral as a useful facilitator of that in future. We will be interested to see how the Open Referral standard progresses.

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It’s good to have you here Toby. If you’re serious about opening your data to others, I’m sure there are many who’d happily consume it as well as providing their own data feeds that you might use.

Do chat here if you want to start to implement the standard as a publisher and/or consumer of data.

Thanks Mike.
We are already working on exposing APIs to supply data to other services. In terms of opening up a public API, we need to figure out practically how we can fund that, as with the best intention in the world, if we can’t sustain what we do financially, we can’t do it. At the moment the obvious candidate is if we get regional funding or commissions to provide data or help-finder services in an area, probably funded by local Councils who are happy for the data to be shared, but there’s other ideas we may explore.

For now, we’d like to be following the Open Referrals conversation, and if there’s any opportunities to collaborate with other people in the space who are looking for solutions to data mapping challenges, we’re always happy to talk.