Hello! I'm Kelly Hewitt from Community Action Network

Hi Julz,

Kelly is using the Digital Coproduction ORUK finder. We are developing it with Lancashire ICB and have Dorset CAN on an early adopter deal.

I’m happy to show you what we have as an aggregator, citizen service finder and professional service finder.

We also did some reports with the ODI that looked at OR and OA in social prescribing. The reports are here.

We drew our own conclusions about how they can co-exist but have not yet implemented a coexistence. As a quick example OR is more about telling you that a badminton activity exists and pointing you to a booking system. That booking system is likely to use OA.

Also happy to explain how we ended up with Open Active and Open Referral when the LGA were the first to start the directory service data standard in 2015. Open referral UK only came about in 2019 simply because several public sector players backed the America OR version rather than the LGA data standard. Basically most organisations want to do it their own way and hence there are so many standards to choose from.