Location tables and UPRN

We’ve had an enquiry from a customer about storing the UPRN within our ‘Venue’ table. UPRN isn’t covered by the the ORUK standard so isn’t currently catered for within our OPD data tables, webservices or UI. I’m keen to know if anyone else has had discussions or thoughts on how to manage this? Is this a potential extension to the standard, or does this need to be a local extension, if indeed it’s the right thing to do?

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That sounds like a prospective localized extension for the UK; we provide guidance to implementers on making and documenting extensions here, although perhaps a case can be made that this field should be a formal part of the ORUK branch of HSDS.

The inclusion of UPRNs in all public sector data published by central government is now mandatory. At the Local Government Association we are encouraging the inclusion of UPRNs in published local services data that involve location. Let’s face it, everything happens somewhere so this is a no brainer really. Most local authorities deploy UPRNs within their local data holdings anyway.

I feel this needs to be a likely local extension to the UK variant standard of Open Referral when we next look at future developments. I do recall such discussions when we were developing the draft version of the standard within the LGA-related projects but it clearly never reached the implemented specification at that time.

There is a good summary of how UPRNs helped local authorities link data and respond to support needs of vulnerable people in rapid time during the thick of the 2020 sections of the Covid-19 pandemic.

See here: https://www.geoplace.co.uk/addresses-streets/data-in-use/uprns-delivering-health-and-social-care



@Adam_Placecube I agree with @bloom and @TimAdams that this is a good candidate for an addition to the UK extension of Open Referral in the next version. I’ve tagged this thread so it doesn’t get forgotten.

I suggest you add the field in your own database in the interim.

Note this text on licensing to ensure your data with UPRNs remains open for re-use.