Hello I'm Ian Singleton from Digital Gaps

I think we have been involved from the inception of the LGA local service standards through to the adoption of Open Referral as a UK application profile and then in helping to develop supporting products and in implementing OR in councils/places.

  • We have worked with Bristol to define a piece of software that could collect/maintain open referral data then ‘assure’ it is correct before publishing it to a set of APIs for other applications to consume. This was then developed by Placecube.

  • We also project managed the LGA loneliness pilots in Blackburn, Hull, Elmbridge councils using open standards to collect service information once as a team across the place to enable multiple frontends to support loneliness issues.

  • We have worked with Porism on the Bucks project and the latest MHCLG project.

  • We have managed an Integrated Care System (ICS) pilot in Lancashire and South Cumbria to implement Open Referral to support any referrals but specifically social prescribing. This is currently finalising reporting the findings.

  • We have worked with Digital Coproduction to take the LGA service finder demonstrator and create a commercial Service Finder tool which includes a Service Provider website widget and a language translator.

  • We have recently worked with the ODI and Porism in using OpenActive in social prescribing. We are keen to bring these two standards together and are working with Digital Coproduction, London Sport and two Waltham Forest PCNs to develop a tool to read both OR and OA.

Good to have you here Ian and thanks for starting to move your questions to this forum.

Our case studies page has some details of the Bristol, Elmbridge and Lancs & South Cumbria work you’ve been involved in.

Also your work for the Open Data Institute on social prescribing is of major relevance to Open Referral UK. I know your contacts with health people have resulted in the standard being proposed as a requirement for their social prescribing software.