Hi - I'm Claire Hewitt from Public Partnerships

We worked with Hull to implement the Open Referral standard in their directory (which sits on our platform) - We can now support the standard for any online directories now.

We have therefore seen, first-hand, some of the opportunities and challenges that can be faced when implementing the standard and would be happy to discuss with anyone who is interested. :slight_smile:


It’s good to see you here Claire. Thanks for offering to talk to others interested in implementing the standard.

For the techies, the API you implemented for Hull can be queried here.

Let me know if you’d like to add a Hull case studies to the case studies page.

Hi Mike - I think Kate Mackay is drafting a case study :slight_smile:

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Hi Claire, I am looking at somehow embedding Open Referral into a directory I run in Yorkshire and Derbyshire at www.treacle.me. Do you have any experience in retro fitting O.R. into an existing directory? Also, could you please send me a link to the directory in Hull so I can get an idea of how it looks. Thanks

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Hi Helen
You can find the directory here: Community Directory | Hull. I’d be happy to have a brief chat if you want to email me: chewitt@publicpartnerships.co.uk
Many thanks

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