Open referral adoption cost

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I wonder if people could help me with a stab at estimating costs for the below?

• How much might it cost a Local Authority to change their existing directory to meet the open referral standards?
• How much would it cost to build an API to connect data from a single LA to a central product?

Hi Michael

That’s a hard one to answer, without more information. It would depend on what directory the LA has at the moment and whether they’re looking to adapt that directory or move to one that is already compatible.
It takes us about 2 days to create an API from our directory, but we have created these APIs many times, so it may not be comparible.
I’d be happy to discuss further, if you want to get in touch on
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Hi Michael, from our experience, there are a number of components required to successfully adopt the Open Referral UK data standards, and deliver the benefits of doing so. Compliant data alone does not solve all of the problems associated with service directories and the data they contain. Cost can vary significantly, depending on:

  • the extent to which existing technology is compliant, or able to take compliant feeds
  • the level of investment the LA is prepared to make to ensure both the quality of the data, and compliance with the standard (the latter of course doesn’t guarantee the former)
  • the extent to which the LA wants to apply the best practice principles of interoperability and single source, alongside the adoption of the data standard
  • the amount of third party assistance required in understanding / refining the target model and driving local adoption

Our Open Place Directory is provides an Open Data Platform, with integral crowd-sourcing and community focused, transparent, quality control of the data it contains. It also has free to use, open API’s (webservices) so anyone can use the data at no extra cost. A number of the market leading Social Prescribing tools and Service Directory software providers have taken compliant feeds from our customers into their products. Happy to discuss further:


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