Proposing additions to the LGA Services List?

The first stage of our pilot programme with NASP Midlands Region involves consultations with a number of third sector providers. As expected some of them are delivering services that cannot be described by an existing LGA Service, especially for social prescribing offers that are being developed in the areas of arts, nature and heritage. Open Active have a suggestion form to propose activities to be added to the Activity List. What is the mechanism to propose services to be added to the LGA Services List along with suggested mapping to needs and personal circumstances?

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Hello Kevin, sorry for my delay in responding. For now, would you send suggestions for new service types in the Services list and mappings to the Needs list and Circumstances list by email to

I’ll raise this with the LGA and the taxonomist who manages the lists to see if there is a more systematic mechanism.

Of course, any suggestions you place here will be picked up.

Although Open Referral is taxonomy agnostic, it’s good to see what taxonomies people are using and how they can be improved.

Thanks Mike. If it’s ok with you I’ll wait to hear about any proposed mechanism once you’ve raised this with the LGA. I’ll probably have a reasonable list by the end of July.

Kevin, the response I’ve had is that the forum which LGA used to run is no longer used as people tended to just email in, so will you do the same please? I can arrange an online meeting between you and the person who maintains the LGA lists if that would be useful.

That would be very useful thanks Mike

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