What is (or was) Silo Buster 2022?

I saw a bunch of new repos pop up over the summer relating to something called Silo Buster 2022. They look like they do interesting ETL stuff - does anyone know any more about them? @skyleryoung , I think I saw your name in there?

We have a debrief of the event here. I’ll let @skyleryoung add any additional context!

We might want to plan to archive this repo (and other remnants of hack sprints past) from the github org at some point soon. Thoughts?

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Perhaps a related organization, “OR Hackathons” or something like that could take ownership of them. Further, I can consolidate them into one repo. Tell me how you’d like to proceed.

We still have people working out of those directories, so in any case, we need the code to be accessible.