AWS Health Equity Grant


I’m Sophia. I started the Human Services Data Standard as an outgrowth of work at Code from America. The work continued with financial support from the Knight Foundation, and I’m happy to see that OpenReferral is still growing.

That’s in the past, and I’m at Amazon AWS. I wanted to pass on this grant opportunity from AWS. Here’s a summary:

“Over the next three years, AWS is committing $40M to harness the power of the cloud to advance health equity globally. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is offering AWS Promotional Credit and technical expertise to selected institutions and companies addressing health disparities that impact underserved or underrepresented communities around the world. The program will support applications that develop culturally responsive solutions to: 1) increase access to health services, 2) reduce disparities by addressing social determinants of health, and 3) leverage data to promote equitable and inclusive systems of care.”

Hi Sophia! Good to hear from you. This looks like a great opportunity, thank you for sharing – I’ll pass it along to some community partners with whom we work.