Catch up of the Open Referral UK launch event

On 14 June, as part of Digital Leaders week 2021, we ran a launch event focused on the work done to date around Open Referral UK, and where we’re going next.

You can watch the recording of the event via YouTube, and access the full slide deck from the event.

We’re really grateful for the contributions of several speakers - and core team members - who made this such a great event:

  • Paul Brewer from Adur & Worthing Councils
  • Mike Thacker from Porism
  • Gavin Maguire from Snook
  • Dawn Kellet and Toby Page from Leeds City Council
  • Chris Thorpe from CAST
  • Ian Singleton from Digital Gaps
  • Sam Villis from MHCLG
  • Linda Vernon from Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS
  • Ben Unsworth from Essex County Council
  • Adam Harris from Placecube
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