Downloading example of data

I’m trying to download an example of the Service Directory Exporter from

All the example links I use return an error ERROR: service directory data not found at the given URL

See example here of the spreadsheet.

I would like an example of the data that can be exported… At the moment the example only show the ‘name’

If you could help in this then that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Hello and welcome to the Forum.

I’m afraid the exporter is not coping with bigger API feeds as they have grown and we need a little time to sort that out.

It did work for me with the Pennine Lancashire feed, which is the last one listed on the left of the page.

If you’re the same person who contacted us by email, I’ve sent a reply with a sample and explanation of the output. If not and you want that, do pass on an email address.

Hi Mike
I’m looking for your original email again with the example but it must have jumped out of my inbox somewhere! May I ask for you to resend the email as I have a new laptop.
All the best and look forward to receiving.

I see you’ve found it now. All the bext.