Drafting the Technical Committee charter

Hi folks – I’ve pulled together this starting point for a charter for the Technical Committee. All of the content in there has come from elsewhere.

There are three sections that I expect will need to be developed from scratch for this to be ‘minimally viable’:

  • Decision-making process
  • How members join, leave, or are removed
  • Dissolution

I think a significant amount of the ‘decision-making process’ has been hashed out and just needs to be put in here, although there may be other kinds of decisions not yet accounted for that should be.

I’ll check with @devin but if anyone else has suggestions for minimally-viable starting points for the other two bullets, let us know.

Great discussion today, approving the material that was already there, and expanding the outline of material to be further specified. See here: DRAFT Charter: HSDS Technical Committee - Google Docs