Forming a Technical Committee

Now that we’ve upgraded our governance model, it’s time to prepare to form the Technical Committee.

I’ve produced a draft of a description of the Committee here, pulling material from our governance proposal(s), and filling in some gaps.

As mentioned in there, any member of our previous Technical Working groups is welcome to self-nominate; that group alone may provide more than enough prospective membership to get started. That said, I expect that I will also extend invitations to specific perspectives that we ought to have represented.

(Once formed, the Committee will be expected to manage its own membership moving forward.)

I expect this process to take about a mont. Over the next couple of weeks, please review and provide any reactions to the content in that document – and reach out if you’re interested in serving on the Committee!

Thanks in advance to all who step up to help with this process :smile:

Just tagging those who have been involved in the discussions we’ve been having regarding this.
@devin @skyleryoung @SarahP @klambacher @MikeThacker

We’d appreciate it you could:

  1. Review and check you’re happy with the what Greg has drafted here

  2. Let us know if you’re looking to self-nominate.



I am happy to continue to serve on this committee.

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