Hello from Gavin at Placecube

Hi all, great to be part of this community, having followed the project from early days and then practically as Placecube got involved in migrating our Open Place Directory from the LGA Locally Delivered Services data standard to OpenReferralUK, working with Ben at Bucks and Porism. As many of you know, I spent 20 years in LocalGov, working for Bristol City Council where I was passionate about open source, open standards and open data and led lots of work on our digital, data and tech infrastructure and services. After a year working with MHCLG to set up the Local Digital team and Declaration, I’ve been part of the Placecube team since we launched in 2019.

As Mike Thacker has posted elsewhere, we are now live in Bristol and have a number of other clients of Open Place Directory. We are also in the early stage of delivering the SENA MHCLG Alpha with Huntingdonshire DC, which is focused on digital services to support people at risk of becoming vulnerable, and will be collaborating with the SAVVI MHCLG project to test their model and data standards - looking forward to working with Tameside, Porism and Digital Gaps on that :grinning: Feels like there’s a good core group of us who are building up a strong ethos and shared enterprise.

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Great to have you here @gavinbeckett. Do keep us updated on organisations/places implementing your Open Place Directory so we can update our statistics on who is applying the standard and, in due course I hope, add more case studies.

I’ve been discussing a few implementation issues with your colleagues in Placecube and with Digital Gaps and will move such conversations to this forum wherever possible and where they are of general interest.