Hello! I'm Alex from Royal Borough of Greenwich

Hi everyone.

I’m Alex, a Product Manager at the Royal Borough of Greenwich. I’m leading on a project to replace our current directory with one that makes it easier for people in Greenwich to find local services and activities.

We’ve received funding from the Local Digital Fund to make the product we’re building reusable for other local authorities. The goal is to make it quick and easy to adopt for anyone who wants to.

The product we’re building is called Outpost. Hannah from TPXimpact introduced this on here last year. We’re continuing to work with TPXimpact to iterate Outpost and make it a really valuable directory product.

You can follow our progress on our webpage.

Looking forward to getting more involved with this community :slight_smile:

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Welcome @alex.sturtivant! Looks like an exciting project.

I’m curious to learn more about how the information in Greenwich’s directory is maintained.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for Open Referral!

Thanks for posting here @alex.sturtivant. I understand that Outpost is building on the Open Referral UK compliant directory that TPXImpact built for Buckinghamshire (when the company was called FutureGov) and that you’re connecting it via the standard API to a LocalGov Drupal open source front end.

This builds beautifully on the open architecture promoted by the Local Digital Declaration whereby any back-end directory service can use the standard API to connect to any front-end website. So products become interchangeable and vendor tie-in is reduced.

Looking forward to updates from you, @hntpx and LocalGov Drupal’s @ekes.