Hello from Tim Adams at the Local Government Association

Hello everyone.

Gosh, it looks like I am the first to post a discussion on this new discussion area.

I am a programme manager at the Local Government Association, leading on nationally coordinated projects to encourage and help local government make better use of the data they collect, hold and manage. This includes data standards, resources, analysis, sharing, governance, publishing, protecting. Over my twenty years at the LGA we have run many many initiatives and developed substantial guidance, tools, knowhow and support to help to progress better understanding and use of local data. We make a big push to open data wherever we can.

I am excited to see the progression of the Open Referral UK data standard for consistent publishing of information about local available services to a consistent and comprehensive specification. We started work in this area a decade ago and started to the work towards this project around five years ago working with colleagues, partners and local authorities in the North West region.

I have masses of materials I can share to help progress the learning if others will find it helpful. We must not remake mistakes we have made in the past and build on the momentum that the Open Community has triggered. I am proud to be part of that initiative.

The key to better understanding of local public services (be they from public bodies, voluntary groups or the private pioneering organisations and individuals) is to make data available to a consistent specification so that Apps, catalogues, directories, websites and planning to develop the search and matching capabilities once, knowing it will re-work anywhere in the country.

Good Luck everyone

Tim Adams
Programme Manager, Local Government Association (April 2021)

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