Specifying information about endpoints for secure exchange of client data

Does anyone have any experience with specifying information about organizations’ and/or services’ ‘endpoints’ – i.e. for secure exchange of data about clients – such as DirectTrust or a FHIR API?

I don’t think this is at all common, but I know at least a couple of instances in which service providers are participating in some program through which they can receive data about clients or prospective clients (ie through screening and referral and other use cases associated with coordination of care) as shared by a third-party system directly to either their system of record or perhaps some intermediary platform through which they conduct some operations.

So in this case the organization (perhaps even a specific service) would be associated with a URL or perhaps a URI – but instead of for a web page, it’s an address of an encrypted data service.

If you know of anything like this in use among social service providers, I’m eager to learn how such endpoints were included in a resource directory record (i.e. are they associated with the Organization, or a specific Service, or a specific point of contact, etc).

For instance, there are at least a couple of social care providers listed in the Direct Trust directory which is used for direct messaging among certified healthcare providers. Here’s their documentation (page 16-27) about how endpoints are specified in the Direct directory.

I’ve offered to provide guidance to Direct’s standards body about how this might work, and to help folks in that process (potentially) develop a proposed ‘profile’ of HSDS that might specify how such endpoints can be structured in a social care directory.

If you have any experience with this sort of thiing, I want to learn about it. And if you’re interested, I’m organizing meetings on April 12th and 19th at 2p Eastern at which we can learn about this stuff from DirectTrust experts. Would be glad to see if one or two interested folks from this community might be able to join one or both of those meetings…


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Whoops – I got the date wrong, this meeting will be on April 12th at 2p Eastern, and we’ll have a followup the next week on the same day/time (4/19 2p). I’ve updatd in the text, let me know if you’re interested.