Whitepaper: producing resource directory information as a public good

Hi folks – I’m excited to share this whitepaper about the challenges and opportunities for production of resource directory information as public good. Which is to say – reliable, sustainably maintained, and freely available for all to use as open data.

We’ve identified a set of three “institutional design patterns” for sustainable resource data provision – and developed infographics to convey these ideas visually. You may have seen the text of this whitepaper and/or these infographics in some form before, but we’ve finally packaged it up into a single document. You can download it here.

This is also an announcement that we’ve received funding (from the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University, and the Midwest Big Data Hub) to develop these materials into a participatory design toolkit that communities can use to lead their own process of resource data supply chain development. We’ll organize at least two in-person workshops and at least two webinars next year – and this is a call to action for you to get involved.

Let me know if you have any feedback about these materials or questions about the year ahead!

Thanks for all of your input to this process so far!


Loving your work Greg.