Standing Technical Meetup - 13th Sept 2023 (Previous)

Apologies this for the delay, but here are links to the running notes doc and recording of the Standing Technical Meetup - 13th September.

Below you can find a summary of the discussion points and actions arising:

Documentation Review.

  • @mrshll gave an overview of his work on this. Since the meeting he has put out a dedicated post explaining his findings form the review and a summarising changes made as a result.

Action: Please review Matt’s forum post which directs you to a branch containing the drafted changes. Please post any comments/feedback you may have in responses to the forum post or email

Design Principles.

  • We discussed design principles and whether with the recent 3.0 upgrade we’ve diverged from the principle of ‘simplicity’ to the extent that we need to reconsider this value/principle.
  • @skyleryoung @MikeThacker @davidraznick we’re of the opinion that simplicity remains a design principle, for the following reasons:
  1. Version 3.0 has some simplifications over version 2.0
  2. The formatting remains simple.
  3. Required fields have been kept at a minimum and are simple and the complexity is optional
  4. @skyleryoung also made the point that Fidelity acts as a counterbalance simplicity

Action: If you have views or opinions on this topic please post them here or email to:

Use Cases.

Action: If you have views or opinions on this topic please post them here or email to

Profile Documentation and Tooling.

  • We directed attention to Matt’s Forum Post on this work and gave an update on an issue we’ve encountered affecting the auto-generation of the ERD’s when testing out the profile tooling with the ORUK Profile. Initially we thought this was a bug but turns out its more a feature that required some further documentation.

Action: ODSC to document this and continue to work with ORUK to address the minor issue they’re experiencing.

Update on ORUK profile and UK Ecosystem.

  • We brought attention to @MikeThacker’s Forum post on the ORUK profile.
  • FYI - Greg has since put out a blog post announcing the profiling mechanism and drawing attention to the ORUK profile as an example already in action.
  • Mike is in the process of communicating with UK developers about the profile but we suspect that it will be difficult to gain traction without a validator; which is our immediate priority in terms of tooling.
  • Mike updated on work involving the dept for local government over the next three months that could help to mainstream the standard and potentially unlock resourcing/funding going forward. It could also result in a company with 70% of the market for local government service directories becoming fully compliant (as opposed to in alignment) with the standard which could act as a tipping point for the UK ecosystem.

Next meeting.

  • Our next Standing Technical Meetup meeting takes place on the 11th October 16:00 UTC. If you would like to join us please let me know via this forum post or email me at and I will shoot over an invite.

See here for running notes with a link to the video and transcript from the meeting.

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Just a note that our next standing Technical Meetup is one week from today! 11th October 16:00 UTC.

What should be on our agenda?

(Also, I’m not sure if we should have a generic running thread for coordinating these meetings… or a different thread for each meeting? Thoughts?)

Maybe we could do a separate post for each meeting which we could create immediately after can use for item proposals prior and then notes, summary, actions afterwards? I’ll create one for next weeks now.

Archiving these old monthly technical meeting threads as we’ll use this one for these meetings moving forward