Technical Meeting - 9th Aug 2023

Thanks to everyone that attended the technical meeting on Wednesday. Here is the notes doc and video of the meeting for your reference.

A quick summary of what we discussed and actions arising:

Profiling mechanism documentation. @mrshll ran through the work undertaken so far on the Profile-related documentation. This was well received but we agreed to holding off on merging branches for another week or so, to allow more time for the community to review and feedback.


Proposed approach to supporting profile creation. Matt also explained how we plan to support profile creation by integrating documentation tooling into the Example Profile repository. This will help generate a minimal profile as well as supporting ORUK and future profiles. Mike and Greg expressed a desire to host the ORUK profile docs within the main or dcos. Mike flagged potential compatibility issues if the ORUK profile sat outside of OR’s github repo. This is due to ORUK’s use of Github pages, whereas OR uses Readthedocs)

Update on ORUK profile. Dom is pretty much there in terms of creating the ORUK profile. Once the profile is on Github, the plan will be to generate resources (table and ERD), then set a meeting with UK developers.


  • ODSC, Mike/Dom - To cross-check understanding/expectations regarding hosting/documenting the ORUK profile.
  • ODSC - to start working on integrating documentation tooling into the Example Profile repository.

Validator Specification. Mike ran through his validator specification. There was a general sense that this would be a good starting point for some base-level validation to use a prototype/proof of concept with a view to developing more extensive validation in the future. Kate asked whether there was a notification mechanism and highlighted their importance - Mike agreed and affirmed that they could be built into the spec.


  • All (or, whoever has a specific interest) - please review/feedback on the Mikes proposal via his forum post*
  • Mike - to add email notifications to the validator specification.
  • Mike/Greg - to explore ways this could be funded.

Summit agenda. Preparations are underway for the summit 20-21st Sept.



Following up meetings (Devin)

  • Action: Greg - to write summary of standing technical meetup + workgroup process – as proposed update to Governance and Participation doc following up meetings will be covered within this work.

Schedule table issue (Skyler)

  • Action: Skyler to describe schedule table issue from 211US in the forum or issue queue.

Taxonomies and other tools (Skyler)

  • Action: Greg to add these to the Summit Agenda

Next meeting.The next meeting will take place same time (16:00 BST) on Wed 13th September.



FYI - An update on profiling mechanism documentation can be found here

Archiving these old monthly technical meeting threads as we’ll use this one for these meetings moving forward