Standing Technical Meetups

Was going to attend to try and understand more about the Openactive stuff.

But its not in my diary.
If it is going ahead, can I have a link please?

@Julz I think the meeting reference is more of an organisational one, but Greg might comment.

I’ll be away for the next week but happy to have a one-to-one on the relationship between OpenActive and Open Referal UK any time after that. @Ian-DigitalGaps and/or @andrew-newman might chip in (probably best in this thread). In the meantime, I’ve dug up this short document on a planned OA/ORUK use case MBT10001 - Points for an OpenActive / Open Referral UK use case which might be of interest.

I think the international group hopes to have a meeting on aggregators (aka federation tools) - see here. It would be good for you to join that if/when it is firmed up.

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Ta Mike, will keep pushing from our end to help make things work together.

This is mostly over my head but seems were are getting closer.

@Julz @MikeThacker I’d be happy to join a call to discuss ORUK and OpenActive :slight_smile:

@bloom I included OR/OA as an agenda item due the amount of related activity across the forum and to see if there we’re emergent discussions to be had; rather than to discuss anything specific.

Same goes for taxonomies really.

Judging by comments, I don’t think we have anything concrete to discuss as a group and as lines of communication are open via the threads leaving it until June makes sense to me.

I’m happy either way, but will not amend the invite until I hear back from you.

FYI @skyleryoung @devin @SarahP @klambacher @mrshll

I will plan to join during the time, even if just for a quick checkin with whomever drops by.

We could discuss plans for a show-and-tell about federation / aggregation tactics

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Hi folks – looking forward to our standing technical meetup on June 12th. (if you’d like to attend but don’t have it on your calendar, let me know and I will send an invite.)

Dan’s out of office, so I’ll share a link to our notes and draft agenda here.

Here below is what it seems like we have to discuss – feel free to suggest additional topics!

Draft Agenda:

  • Technical Committee: ready to get in formation?
    • Charter development
    • Other?
  • 3.1 backlog review
    • Schedule table issue
  • Survey review:
    • Initial feedback
    • Content check
    • Additional outreach
  • Should we have a summit this year?
  • Any other updates